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Have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome? Sometimes, seeking help is the best way to put things into perspective and this is where that process starts.

The Counseling Center @ MHA is honored to guide you through all of life’s challenges with the attention and care you deserve. Click on one of the links below to get started!

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Client Rights

1. Ask for help and be treated with dignity and respect.
2. Be informed about your treatment/service and be told of any potential benefits/risks
of treatment.
3. Help make decisions about your service, participate in the development and review
of an individualized treatment plan and in planning for discharge.
4. Know how long you will be involved in treatment/service.
5. Receive treatment at convenient times and places.
6. Refuse treatment/service.
7. Ask for other treatment that may work for you.
8. Know the name of the person(s) providing your treatment and to request other staff
be assigned to provide your treatment.
9. Be referred to another provider for service as needed.
10. Confidentiality.
11. Include other persons in your treatment
12. Be told of any research or educational activities that are part of your treatment and
to refuse to participate.
13. Have bills and charges explained.
14. Make a written complaint.
15. A safe environment and freedom from verbal, physical or financial abuse or
exploitation or restraint/seclusion that is used as a means of coercion, discipline,
convenience, or retaliation.
16. Receive treatment in the least restrictive appropriate manner.
17. Be informed that there may be consequences for failing to comply with courtordered
18. See or request a copy of your clinical record in accordance with MHA policy.
19. Make healthcare decisions through advanced directives, living will, and durable
power of attorney.
20. Express preference regarding choice of service providers.
21. Receive information about your managed care company.
22. Exercise these rights without adversely impacting treatment.
23. Obtain access to services within specified access standards.
24. Right to request a 2nd opinion.

Client Responsibilities

1. Provide information needed for treatment/service
2. Plan your service with the assistance of treatment providers and follow the plan.
3. Let us know of special needs
4. Keep and be on time for appointments and bring your insurance cards
5. Arrange for care of your children while you are receiving services
6. Let us know if you stop taking your medications or have problems with them
7. Collaborate with your treatment provider to develop a crisis plan and work with provider
to implement plan as needed
8. Respect others confidentiality
9. Let us know if your address, name, phone number or insurance information changes
10. Tell us of all insurances carried
11. Let us know if you are unhappy with services
12. Let us know if you are not coming back
13. Pay us in a timely manner
14. Treat staff and consumers with respect
15. Maintain a safe environment by not possessing weapons or using intoxicating or illegal
drugs while receiving services
16. Not come for services while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances.
17. Notify staff of any unsafe situations you observe
18. Not ask your treatment provider to purchase items for you out of their own funds
19. Ensure a healthy environment for MHA staff by not smoking in close proximity to the
service provider

You have the right to:

You have the responsibility to:


Click on the Consumer Guide below to read about all the services we offer and your rights as a consumer. 

Contact an Intake Specialist if you have questions or to send copies of insurance cards and IDs to speed the intake process.